Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Do You Feel Now, Pal?

‘How does that make you feel?’

Although this question usually is met by males with a dumbfounded, head scratching demeanor, there is a big incentive to respond to it, and respond to it in as honest and indisputable manner possible. This is another Big Truth that you need to recognize, memorize and never, ever forget - One of the main desires of many women is being with a man who can effectively share how he feels. Being students in the art of women, Good Bad Boys are well aware of how important it is to females that a man be willing and able to successfully communicate and share his feelings. A man who can be in touch with how he feels and shares that with a woman will gain her heart much more quickly than if he struggles with communicating them.

Please try to remember to not give responses to this query that tell her what you think, which is what most men will do. When asked a question like this, a Good Bad Boy is ready. He steps back and thinks of certain buzzwords--angry, happy, sad, lonely, irritated, depressed, contented, lost--emotional words, words that for most men might as well be written in hieroglyphics. This is a crucial time to remember the Good Bad Boy mantra--Think Less and Feel More. You can simply state that you’re sad, elaborate a little on why, and not say much more than. There is no need to justify or defend your feelings, they are not right or wrong, they are simply your feelings and they are legitimate. Women don’t have to have it explained to them, they already understand.

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