Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Welcoming Space.....

Make sure your place is clean, well presented, a romantic little escape that she’ll be happy to come to.  Candles and low lighting always helps, and playing unobtrusive mood music like jazz or other instrumental music helps set a nice tone for the evening.  A woman will appreciate that you have a nice place for her to go to, someplace that’s far removed from your fraternity house or college dorm days.  Women, when they first come to a guys place are always sizing it up to assess his taste.  Again, rely on the help of others more knowledgeable that you and take a trip to the local Target or Ikea, and pick a few key pieces and accessories. The money you spend now will pay off in dividends for a long time to come.

As stated earlier, you’re more than welcome to take her out to an expensive meal or club; however the amount of distractions and noise in those choices could make it difficult to communicate and ultimately work against your goals.  There is also one huge advantage to cooking dinner for her at your place that hopefully has occurred to you already.  By having her accept your hospitality, you’ll have gotten her to your home, which means you’ve taken care of one of your biggest challenges for the evening before it even begins.        

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