Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Good Host

Now, you may be challenged even when it comes to boiling a pot of water, but a quick visit to any of the cooking websites on the internet will reveal a lot of simple recipes, or you can hit your favorite search engine and put in the keywords “cooking, bachelor, clueless” and it should take it from there.  And, and I’ve heard it said from someone much smarter than I in this regard, that “if you can read, you can cook”. 

Women are used to getting taken out to nice dinners, and that’s great, but the effort put forth by cooking a dinner for her means much, much more.  Anyone can pay a dinner tab, taking the time to cook something she will enjoy is only going to enhance your stature and mystique, and further the concept of you being a little more unique among the dating masses.  Don’t ever forget you are always looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the hordes of single guys out there, and this is one excellent way to do it.

Of course, you may have to ‘de-bachelorize’ your living quarters, and enlisting the help of a female friend, or significant other of one of your buddies is strongly recommended.  You just may be too attached to your lighted Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field wall clock to know that it needs to be put away for this particular evening, as well as many other possessions you feel are precious, that will compromise your stature as a Good Bad Boy. 

Obviously a thorough scrubbing is in order if needed, and that means  dusting as well.  A trip to the local newsstand and flipping through a few design magazines should give you an idea of at least the direction your place should be heading.  Don’t go crazy spending hundreds of dollars giving your living quarters a makeover, but spending the time making it a place where a woman will be comfortable and enjoy spending time will be worth all the effort you put into it.

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