Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Knowing Your Responsibilities

Now, let’s take a moment and discuss one distinct possibility.  The stars happen to be aligned in just the right manner on this first date evening, everything is clicking and there is connection and there’s a nice charge between the two of you.  You’ve given your date the kissing she was hoping for, and has stirred up a strong level of desire in her.  It is just possible she may want to push the evening into deeper territory, and either ask you over to her place or want you to take her home to yours, under the understanding that things may become more sexual right away. 

In some respects, this is totally hot and very exciting, and your thoughts would lead to this being a very memorable evening.  However, as a Good Bad Boy, you must check within yourself, and be clear on a few points that go along with the concept of having sex with someone you’ve just met. 

Firstly, while you’ve just had a nice evening, and have connected in a romantic, sexy way, you are still dealing with someone who is a stranger in many respects, and you want to think about how sexually involved you want to get with someone you do not know.  Keep in mind, a Good Bad Boy is in touch with himself from within and acts accordingly, and this situation could cause a very strong reaction. 

This could be an instance that many times plays out better in fantasy than reality.  Since there is little connection other than your first date to go on, you can run out of common ground quickly.  Physical intimacy should never be regarded lightly, and for all the concerns about taking advantage of a woman, being a player, and so on, how a man feels in this situation is just as important.  A Good Bad Boy will wait and get to know this woman better, and bide his time. 

The added knowledge gained over a few encounters makes for a much hotter and passionate connection, and there will be opportunities to stoke the fire of anticipation and you’ll be glad you waited. 

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