Monday, August 19, 2013

Anticipation Redux

Often what you don’t do has more significance than any action you may take.  This is a key concept in building desire, which is the point you are now at. 

You’ve just parted ways with a woman after kissing her into a state of longing, and leaving her right there and doing nothing else.  This is a strong foundation to build on.  She will be thinking about it, reliving it (as you should be, too) all the way home.   Now the both of you will be looking forward to the next time you will meet, and the power of anticipation again comes in. 

This was mentioned earlier, and it bears restating.  Anticipation is a powerful tool at your disposal; you want a woman thinking about you, wondering more about you.  This builds a mystique about you.   Let your good efforts simmer until you call her the next day, letting her know how wonderful the previous evening was with her.  She will be happy to hear from you and ready to make plans for your next rendezvous. 

On this important call, which should always happen the day after if possible, be polite; let her know how much you enjoyed spending time with her and that you really are looking forward to spending more time with her.  Schedule a next date with her, preferably on the next available Friday or Saturday night.  It is also important that you again have a few choices for her, in case she wants to get into details.  Usually you’ll call back in a day or two to nail down the specifics, and yes – build anticipation.   

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