Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You Poor, Poor Sex Object......

There are those occasional instances when it is obvious that the connection is just about sex and that it isn’t likely things will progress in other areas.  There are times where a woman is just interested in you for the sex, she’s attracted to you physically, and is uninterested in a deeper connection.  There can be a thousand reasons for this, and you are not to delve into any of them! 

The shoe is on the other foot, you are being viewed in terms of being a sex object, just as women have been for thousands of years.  If there is a mutual attraction, then by all means, play the role of sex object and be good at it.  Don’t get into any discussions about what you can expect or what she is looking for, she looking for you to get naked and take care of her strong sexual desires.  In other words, don’t do any thinking at all, just go with the gift you’re being handed. 

In these situations, simply be attentive to a woman’s physical needs, do not talk very much, other than asking her if there’s anything she needs or wants.  You’re being used (in a good way, of course), and every one of your pals wish they were in your place.  Don’t make more of it that what it is, make sure the woman you’re with gets your total ‘A game’ sexually, and be responsive. 

Once you both are completely spent, you’ll probably be kicked out the door, or she’ll quietly leave, more often than not these encounters have the meteor-like quality of burning intensely for a short period of time and then flaming out.  You may have a few more get togethers of this sort with this woman and you may end up being ‘friends with benefits” or her ‘boy/man toy’. 

While these situations have value and can be quite fun, do be aware that they have limitations, particularly from an emotional standpoint.  Don’t expect too much as far as long term, however you never know where things may lead.  As long as you and her have realistic expectations, everything should be clean and no one will get hurt – although there’s never any guaranties on that, no matter how much you try to head it off.

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