Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Power of Your (In)Actions

Now, please don’t become all full of yourself because you have a sexy, attractive woman coming over your place for dinner, and you think the cat is in the bag.  You have a lot of challenging, hard work ahead of you, and your choices will determine how relations between the two of you will progress--or not. 

Your job now is to create a totally seductive evening, and that means making favorable impressions on all her senses.  Your place has to look good, smell good--do your laundry- the dinner you cook should be tasty as well.  Don’t pick anything exotic or gamey or raw seafood, keep it simple and within your skills; chicken and pasta dishes are always a good idea. 

In asking her over for dinner, you were sharp enough to ask if she has a favorite dish, and assuming it’s not too difficult and soufflés are not involved, go ahead and make it.   Unobtrusive music will help with the aural aspects of the evening, and lastly, but most importantly, you save the touching and feeling for later.

Plan everything ahead of time leading up to her arrival. Making a nice, but simple meal will help, as complicated dinners with lots of moving parts are difficult to coordinate, and the last thing you want is her showing up while you’re trying to tame a culinary monster.  However, you do want to show off a little, so save the last parts of cooking dinner for when she’s there so she can see you at work in the kitchen. 

Women love seeing a guy doing the work in the kitchen, they often spend a lot of time there, so it’s fun for her to do the watching and be waited on for a change.  All you need to remember is her seeing you handling things in the kitchen will continue to add to your attraction factor.  Hand her a cocktail or glass of wine as you finish your cooking chores and ask her how her day was, and engage in conversation.

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