Sunday, September 15, 2013

Temperature Rising

Although it may feel like years will pass before dinner ends, it will end soon enough, and then be a good host and collect all the dishes and such and throw them in the wash sink, dishwasher, garbage, wherever your dishes go, and get on to the next phase.  This is where things will get to be more fun, and you get to emerge as a Good Bad Boy.  It is now time for dessert!

Once you have the dinner plates out of the way, or if you’ve been out to dinner, make sure you get close to her as you ask the next question.  Look her straight in the eyes, and in a playful, but leading manner, ask her what she wants for dessert.  Don’t be cheesy about it, just straightforward, and flirtatious.  You’ve sent a volley her way; let’s see what she does with it. 

Now, a Good Bad Girl (that’s another book) will usually come back with the simple reply of ‘You’ or something along those lines or even better just kiss you first.  If you get either of those responses, consider yourself very lucky and move to the next phase of the evening.  However, as often is the case, you’ll lead the way, and build the fire.  She may actually want a real dessert, so have some chocolate concoction on hand, or order what she wants from the waiter as soon as possible.  Let’s assume that to not be the case and she’ll probably defer to you as to what to have for dessert, and of course, your response will be an emphatic ‘You!’, at which point you will kiss her purposefully, and do it for an extended period of time.  Then, get the check and find a taxi or get your car as soon as possible and get home – you have chocolate cake waiting at your place.  However, if you were smart enough to make dinner, you can now lead her over to your comfortable couch, where the lighting is low, the music is nice and you can move on to the next part of the evening.

This is where many a man has floundered and fallen.  Here is the tricky area of potentially having sex with a woman, and being the nice guy you’ve always been, you don’t want to do anything too forward, creepy or weird.  However, the conundrum is that a woman will expect you to lead her to the point of sex, but ultimately the decision to move forward will depend on her having a comfort level with you--feeling safe with you--which depends on several factors. 

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