Friday, February 1, 2013

Start Out With Nice......

Women want to have a nice guy in their lives.  A fellow that they can rely on--shows up on time, calls regularly, listens, brings flowers, is caring and so on.  However, here’s what most guys never figure out- Mr. Nice Guy generally doesn’t get a woman hot and bothered.  He’s important to a woman everywhere except the bedroom.  And we all know what an important room the bedroom is.

I once was out on a first date with a woman, who was a very attractive college professor, and we had a very good time at our meal and flirting, and it was clear there was a mutual attraction.  After our dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood, which was a trendy area with shops and other restaurants.  While we were walking and talking, I was looking for the right place and time to raise the stakes.  We turned a corner and there was a long wall, and I stopped, and then she stopped as well.  I then put my hand on her abdomen and gently pushed her up against the wall, and stepped closer to her.  She then looked at me and said, somewhat breathlessly, “Oh, you’re a Bad Boy, aren’t you?” 

I said nothing, as that would have taken away from the moment, but those were special words to any Good Bad Boy.  I gave her a deep, long and very substantial kiss that answered her question in the most affirmative manner possible.  How you get to this point of knowledge and confidence will be shown later, but the point is, Mr. Nice Guy took her to dinner, and then stepped away at the appropriate time to let the Good Bad Boy take over and do his magic.

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