Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Counter Intuition

A friend of mine who was dating online posted a profile that he figured would not be of interest to 99.9% of the women who happened to look at it.  Sounds like a bad plan but it really made sense.  You’re not trying to serial date; your goal is to find that woman that you have good chemistry with. 

He was very clear on what he was looking for, but he didn’t make the mistake of spelling out a list of what he was seeking in a woman.  That is a terrible plan of action for dating and will turn most women off – just avoid it.  Instead he was very comfortable with who he is and wrote a profile that he intended to appeal to the most creative and adventurous women out there – he was really target marketing! 

He was trying to clear the room of all those women he knew he would not be interested in and focused on the much smaller number that he would want to connect with.  From there he could see from the few responses which woman really was the best fit to what he was seeking, and proceeded ahead. 

It worked brilliantly because he found a wonderful companion who shares many things in common with him and they’ve been happily married for quite a long time now.

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