Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do You Really KNOW What You Want?

A lot of time will be saved and headaches avoided if you know what you want.  By being clear in this regard you will recognize much more quickly those who you are compatible with and those you are not.  Bear is mind, that as fabulous as you think you might be, you’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and vice versa.  If you recognize and acknowledge that early on, and part ways gracefully, it’s always an action that is taking care of yourself.

Of course, you may be concerned that in being much more clear and specific on whom you want to date, you’re going to exclude all the other women that don’t fit the desired profile and have far less women to potentially date.  Or you’re interfering with what the fates may have in store for you.  You’re welcome to turn over your love life to a cosmic roll of the dice and a bazillion to one chance that you’ll encounter your female alter ego while you’re at the market. 

If you have that kind of time, patience and faith, kudos for you.  For the rest of us pragmatic mortals, here’s a thought.  Say there are 500 single women in your city in your desired age range.  Now, let’s assume you are very, very clear on what type of characteristics and attributes you are seeking from this group, and that will eliminate 99% of them. 

Of course, most men will wail like a soiled infant when they here that percentage--but wait crybaby!   That still leaves five women that meet your very precise, very specific criteria.  And while five may not seem a big number like 500, you will be hard pressed to date five women in any kind of short time frame, and still have your normal life.  It’s about someone who fits your parameters, and you only need one.  There’s a decent chance within that number there is someone who really rings your bell.

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