Saturday, February 9, 2013

Know Who You Want.....

To complicate things further, some men will look to their mothers as the source of what they desire in a woman.  More accurately, if their maternal relationship was a healthy one, men will many times try to seek the same characteristics.  Likewise, if the relationship was not very good, men will gravitate away from those characteristics. 
While utilizing familiarity with a parent as a guide for connecting with the opposite sex is understandable, it is not what we are seeking here.  Being a Good Bad Boy means working from within, and in order to accomplish this, a clear roadmap on what characteristics in another are being sought is completely necessary.
It’s easy to say this, but doing it is a whole other matter.  Most men have a better shot with quantum physics problems or plumbing repair than they do with defining their ideal woman.  However, it need not be so hard.  It’s very important to have an awareness of the characteristics you desire in a woman from the beginning.   The sooner you know the level of mutual compatibility, the sooner you know the proper path to follow, which will lead to your destination instead of wandering around lost in the dating desert.

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