Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Understanding Venutian - Part III

Women are very accomplished and have gotten quite far without the sage advice of a male on how to go about their business. Suffice it to say, the worst kind of advice is that of the unsolicited variety. Add to that the fact that most men don’t have a very good grasp of women anyway, and then you have some really useless information. Let’s proceed and find out how to love women, and not by trying to figure them out, leaving everyone much happier all around.

As previously mentioned, the world of women many times involves, at least from the male perspective, a steady flow of paradoxes and contradictions. The following maxim will help demonstrate this. A woman will happily desire a man who leads her, but will resent one who tells her what to do.

Now that I’ve lost 99.9% of the male reading audience, further illumination is necessary. Men, in their charmingly simplistic view, assume that if a woman wants him to take the lead that is a comprehensive invitation to advise and instruct on all matters and decisions in a woman’s life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A trip to the dance floor may assist us in clarifying this line of thought. So, put on your dancing shoes....

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