Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Learning How To Act Around Women - Part II

If you have even a modicum of sexual evolvement, you already know how much of a turn off it is to hear guys spew forth about their sexual exploits, or worse, their caveman opinion on women in general. And, it should go without saying that you should never – under any circumstances – boast about your past sexual experiences to a woman, unless of course never having sex with her is your goal.

Even if she asks you about it, assume a self-effacing attitude and politely side step any mention of your experiences, turning it back in a charming and playful manner by saying something like “Women didn't exist for me until I met you ” and leave it at that. If you’re a skilled lover, she already knows you’ve been around the block a number of times. Her imagining that you’ve been with a lot of women will potentially turn her on, thinking you’re a lovely, naughty Bad Boy, and now she’s captured your attentions. This will give her an important feeling of accomplishment, that's she's unique. You telling her you’ve been with a bunch of other girls will completely kill the illusion she’s created in her mind, make her feel diminished and unexceptional, as well as taking away her fantasy guy. Now you’re just another player who has completely turned her off. Learn this subtle but important distinction NOW!

Yes, another item on a long list of female mysteries. Remember, we’re in an exotic, exciting, but confusing foreign place now, and although subtlety is not a strong suit for most men, it is a highly prized commodity in the realm of women. The information in her mind is important, but it’s how it gets delivered there matters more. She wants to feel that’s she’s number one with you – whether you’re dating only her or five others – and you better do that if you want to spend time with this woman. Be a good poker player and don’t show your cards. Just a subtle hint here and there keeps the fire burning quite nicely.

Maybe learning to Listen will help...

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