Monday, September 10, 2012

Understanding Venutian -Part II

Oscar Wilde, as with many other subjects, summed up his view on women in a single phrase. He wrote, “Women are meant to be loved, not understood”, and the truth of this should not be underestimated. It’s probably not so ironic that a brilliant gay man was able to enlighten the rest of the male masses on how to handle the matter of relating with women. However, just parroting his well-chosen words will hardly gain you insight on the female condition. Deeper examination, and in essence, learning more is necessary before you can put aside this newly acquired knowledge and think less. It does sound contrary, but remember, we’re on a female planet now, and the frequency of seemingly conflicting concepts will multiply at an alarmingly rapid rate.

One exasperating trait of men to many women is the general tendency to survey problems and challenges on their own and then go about solving them in their own unique way. It could be that this is wired into the male DNA from the hunter/gatherer days, but some of the modern day consequences of this characteristic are poorly done home repair projects, lack of foresight in financial and retirement planning, and a complete aversion to road maps among many other unattractive peccadilloes.

The most egregious of these, however, is the male attribute that imagines that he has a new and brilliant insight to the way a woman may be running her life. While this is perfectly acceptable, arguably gallant, when it is requested of them, much more often than not these pearls of wisdom are ushered forth without any form of provocation or permission. Quite possibly this is a hangover from earlier societal roles where the male was almost exclusively the provider, but clearly women have evolved since those darker times.

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