Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taking the Lead.....

The crucial distinction is that lead does not mean control, and it is vitally important for any man to understand this distinction if he is to attain Good Bad Boy status. Many women will state that they love a man who ‘takes charge’ or ‘takes control’, but these phrases refer to very specific situations, like knowing when to firmly take a woman and kiss her for the first, or hundredth time. Women really enjoy it when men plan a lovely evening out at a romantic restaurant, but that doesn’t mean he should tell her what or when she can eat.

So, it’s essential for a Good Bad Boy to know how to lead without taking control, and that’s only one of many conundrums that a guy will face with women. So, as I stated in an earlier post, you defer to Mr. Wilde’s infinite wisdom and forego trying to figure them out. What a Good Bad Boy will concern himself with is being an irresistible guy, and we’ll develop that in the postings to come. For now, we’ll concentrate on understanding women better, and that means thinking a whole lot less than before.

So, how are those dance steps coming?

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