Sunday, September 23, 2012

Learning How to Act Around Women

Barring any serious psychological issues on your part, you’re probably like a lot of the nice guys out there in that pleasuring a woman is a priority, and that you feel good about doing it, and doing it well. If this hasn’t been important to you before, you’ll now have to make it one of your main goals or forego any hope of being truly adored by women.

Good Bad Boys have a quiet sense of pride in knowing that they are skillful lovers, and thoroughly enjoy bringing a woman as much pleasure as she can stand. They have many of the same competitive drives that most men have, however, in the arena of being a skillful seducer and love maker, they already know the secrets and keep it to themselves. Good Bad Boys don’t brag about their sexual activities, they’ve already been told by the women in their lives how special they are, and that is all that they want and need. They generally just smile patiently through any inane locker room type chatter that may be going on at the pinochle table or watching the football game, knowing the source is likely blowing a lot of gas and smoke.

But wait! There's more.....

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