Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Path Much Less Travelled....

If on the other hand you find at this early juncture you are willing to roll the dice and commit your attentions to this woman only, that you’re not even interested in pursuing other women (it happens!), then you have another route to take.  You are at the same stage as above, all hot and bothered and on the verge of heading off to the bedroom.  Every sexual cell in your body will be screaming at you to get down to it, to honor your primal urges and get physical as soon as possible, but you must not listen to them. 

Once again, stop slowly, pull back, look her in the eyes and let her know how you would like to proceed.  Let her know that you find her very, very attractive, that you want nothing more than to take her off to the bedroom and ravage her.  Hopefully she’ll be nodding in agreement.  Then let her know that, as much as you want her physically, you want to get to know her better, to establish more of an emotional foundation with her before you have sex with her.  Let her know that you want to wait for a little bit. 

She will likely be very surprised by this; you may be the first man in her experience that has ever suggested holding off on sex when the opportunity was there before him. Make sure you reiterate at this time that you really want her sexually, that she is very sexy, beautiful, that this is hard for you to do but it is the right action given how you feel.  This way she won’t feel rejected, or that it’s about her appearance. Ask her if that’s okay with her.  She may be a bit bewildered; this would be new territory for a lot of women.  She’ll agree, hopefully, and you can kiss her and thank her.

It is important to realize how powerful this course of action is. Firstly, as a Good Bad Boy, you’ve honored how you feel within, and obviously you wouldn’t take this course of action if you didn’t feel strongly about it, and her. Secondly, you have taken a route that she has probably little, if any experience with. You have separated yourself from the rest of the single male pack – far, far away. You have put how you feel about her, how you want to be connected with her, in front of having sex with her. Men will rarely choose this path given the circumstances. You have established a standing with her in a way that few, if any, men have done before. You have demonstrated in the most powerful way that how you feel is more important than your carnal desires. You have shown that you feel she is worth waiting for. All of these will deepen her regard for you, and you will establish a deeper place with her – instantly. And most importantly, by holding off sexual activity in favor of getting to know her more, you have turned the Flames of Anticipation into an inferno.

Of course you may have done such a great job getting her all hot and bothered that while she agrees with and acknowledges your feelings., she simply wants you now, no matter what. You can go either way now, sex or no, with a clear conscience. You will now move forward as only a Good Bad Boy would, and should.

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