Sunday, November 17, 2013

Listen Up!

One sense we haven't discussed is hearing.  As it was previously in the throes of making out with her, you will need to heighten your sense of hearing, and really listen and sense what’s going on.  Every action you take will have some reaction, whether it’s mild or wild.  Listening to how a woman reacts to your sexual touch is crucial in learning what will work in terms of delivering ecstasy.  Your touch with your hands or mouth may be too firm or too soft, and the only way you’ll know is by listening and feeling to how she reacts. 

A Good Bad Boy knows and loves the fact that lovemaking is an art form.  While on the one hand it may seem very daunting and mysterious, it also reaps huge rewards for those that spend the time really learning the subtle nuances involved.  Being skilled in this art will win you much adoration among women, given you’re not a jerk about it (more about that later).  Since a lot of men really are not very good at this, it’s one more opportunity to separate yourself from the single male masses, which we’ve already established as an ongoing goal.  More importantly, you’ll feel great about yourself, and positive self-image and confidence really foster a positive upward spiral, and we want that to continue without end. 

So, as with any art form, practice as much as you can, and in this instance just take the opportunity and really spend time with her.  Let your body catch up with your racing mind, and get back in sync.  While you are learning with your hearing and sense of touch, do not hesitate to open up the channels of communication.  This is not the time for a conversation, but do let her know, briefly, that she is welcome to let you know anything that you can do that will turn her on. 

No one expects you to know everything, and inviting her to express what works for her lets her know that her pleasure is as important as yours, and you’ll continue to impress on her that it’s actually more important than yours – which it is, since it’s the key to many, many things to come, so to speak.  Her hearing that you want to please her in a way that she wants will only strengthen the bond between the two of you, and she will have a caring, considerate and unselfish lover in her bed, which is what every woman wants. 

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