Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Power of Physical Knowledge

A woman’s body and how it reacts to sexual stimulus, is one of the most fascinating subjects for a Good Bad Boy, and compared to a man’s body, it is a veritable wonderland of magic places.  Discovering them and learning to enhance the physical experience will be a very satisfying journey for the both of you. 

Men, in most respects are very linear and very happy to go from point A to point B in a straight line.  This is not how you want to interact sexually with a woman.  Women are much more circular, and the physical journey involved is very, very important.  Bear in mind, once a man climaxes, the party usually becomes a whole lot less interesting for everybody.  A Good Bad Boy will hold off his pleasure to make sure the woman he is with is fully satisfied. 

Taking the time to learn and then using that knowledge to bring a woman to sexual satisfaction, is the responsibility of all Good Bad Boys.  One shouldn’t get into the mindset that if a woman doesn’t orgasm, then you’ve failed. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards, but one should always be willing, ready, and able to do what is necessary to fulfill and satisfy the woman you are with every time you are with her.  Again, let everything flow naturally, do not rush, the last thing a woman wants to do when she’s with a skilled lover is rush to orgasm.  She’s having a fabulous journey and she wants the trip to last as long as possible, and in order for that to happen, you will have to be very good at physical self-control.

This is probably the biggest challenge and point of contention as far as sexual activity between men and women.  Most complaints that women have with men physically is that they do not last long enough for them to be sexually satisfied, and they almost never can express their disappointment with this, since it’s such a delicate topic.  This is unacceptable for a Good Bad Boy.  The Fragile Male Ego and all that nonsense needs to take a hike, and men need to learn how to properly use what nature has gifted them with.  Once again, here is an opportunity to differentiate yourself, and it is the most important way you can do it.  Learn self control. 

There are probably a thousand different ways of doing it, but whatever works for you, start doing it, and keep practicing.  Some men are lucky enough to have this ability naturally, but they are few and far between – just ask any woman.  In fact, probably the most important skill a male can have in the adult video industry is the ability to have self control, and to be able to orgasm for the ‘money shot’ on cue.  With practice, it can be done.  The practitioners of Tantric sex are skilled at this, and they spend years learning how to sublimate the physical urges that dominate a man’s body while in the middle of sexual activity.  You need not become a Tantric Master to be skilled at self control, but some of the characteristics we’ve already discussed should be employed here. 

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