Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Make That Move.....

Once you reach this point, things will become easier and more natural and you – luckily – won’t have to think as much.  However, getting a woman to this point is no mean feat. 

So, you are now comfortably sitting at the couch, you’ve expressed your dessert preference, and you are kissing her, in the pronounced, sexy manner that you’re getting better at by the minute.  There now will come a few more dimensions to deal with physically, so you’re level of awareness of what you are doing – as well as how she is reacting to it, needs to rise accordingly.  Your kissing technique now needs to expand, and your kissing should start to gently, slowly move from her mouth, down to her chin, and along to her neck.  Most women will respond quite well to you kissing their neck (unless they’re really sensitive or ticklish there) and this particular piece of a woman’s body and how a man can utilize it to heighten her excitement level can fill a book all by itself.  It is very sensitive, so start with a gentle touch with your mouth and tongue, slowly and deliberately, and experiment with different pressure, gentle kisses on her neck, a little pressure on the jugular with your lips.  There is a treasure trove of sensations here, so have at it and explore.  You will know from her reactions as to what is working and what is not.

While you are kissing her, you will need to have your hands be more active.  There will now be more moving parts to the seduction process, but as an art form, it’s time to progress to the next plateau.  Be subtle with your hands, but purposeful.  A couple of very good places are having a hand on her ribcage, thumb in front, and having some firm pressure there.  Just have a good solid hold of her there, don’t squeeze too hard, or move around too much, it can be a ticklish area.  Another great spot is on her thigh, not too high up though!  Again, a firm but not overbearing grip- part of what you want to communicate is that you are physically strong, but have a developed sense of touch, and know how to touch a woman, in the right places and in the right way.  Explore the small of her back this way; there are almost always hot switches there.  Use the same approach in running your fingers through her hair while kissing her, and gently hold the back of her head while gently pressing your mouth on hers while kissing – it will enhance the feeling that she’s has no choice but to kiss you, that you are overpowering her, forcing her.  Remember, you want to enhance the fantasy of this feeling, if you actually tried to physically force her to kiss you your evening will end abruptly and badly.  The distinction with a woman is that she goes to that fantasy place of her own volition, you are just helping her get there with your actions, that she feels safe to go there. 

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