Sunday, October 13, 2013

Being Naughty and Nice

The challenge now is in the physical realm, there are stimuli and reactions going on multi-dimensionally, and you’ll have to be aware of several different things at the same time.  You’ll have to keep kissing her, and using your hands to stoke the flames of desire that are building.  The key indicator on all of this is how she is reacting to what you are doing.  When you touch a certain place, in a certain way, if it elicits a short gasp, or a soft moan, you need to file this information away and know that you’ve hit a hot spot.  Remember that spot on her neck you kissed and how you kissed it – and expand on it.  Linger there for a little bit, but move on and find others.  Guys are terrible multi-taskers, so showing you can handle several things at once again enhances your stature.  The wonderful, yet challenging aspect of exciting a woman is that what drives one woman crazy may not work on another.  It’s all part of a Good Bad Boy’s knowledge base, start from the beginning every time and find what works with this woman. 

Start with the areas already described as a foundation and build from there.  It is important at this stage to really be cognizant of what she is doing, how she is reacting to your kisses and touch.  Any rapid breathing, exclamations of excitement – many women will just come right out and say “Yes! More!” when you’ve found some special place – Expand on what you’re doing well, and drop those actions that are not getting a response.  After some time, which may seem ages, things will reach a plateau, and you’ll feel it.  Everything in nature is cyclical, and the two of you getting hot and bothered on the couch is no different.  Either the ante has to be upped, or the music stops.  You’ll now be a little more adventurous with your play. 

There is no magic timeframe for this, you can get more sexual in 10 minutes or you can be kissing away on the couch for hours, the key is how she is reacting determines that.  A woman can get completely fired up and will either express her desire to go to the bedroom, demand that you go there, walk toward the bedroom leaving a trail of her clothes along the way as a not so subtle hint or say nothing and grab you by the collar and drag you off.  Suffice to say, those instances, although they do happen, are in the minority, so once again it’s on you to turn the heat up.

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