Sunday, October 6, 2013

Keep Moving.....

Do not paw at her, or be all over her body on a constant basis.  The idea is to touch and feel – not grab.  As always, Less Is More, just have a firm, but subtle touch in a few different places, be easy, natural, and not in any rush at all.   Do not start rubbing away at obvious erogenous zones, you will kill the moment instantly, as well as being viewed as puerile for doing it, which will send your stock plummeting. 

Communicate physically that you know what you are doing, are confident, and that there is no rush or pressure.  This is the key concept here, and what is amazing is that each woman is unique, so you get to approach each woman as a blank canvas. 

Every woman has her ‘hot spots’, and when you find them, you will move things forward nicely to your goal of her wanting you.  The talent lies in finding those areas.   This is a true treasure hunt, but be mindful that different techniques work for different women.  A Good Bad Boy loves nothing more than discovering the nuances that make a woman go into overdrive.

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