Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trust Me. Seriously.

Surely you've pondered what is the intent of all this careful listening and sharing of feelings, polite and gentlemanly behavior and so on? Hopefully your automatic response wasn’t to get the woman you've just met into bed. You will get there, eventually, but the taking the less direct, more scenic route will be worth it.

The purpose of all this is the gaining the most treasured possession of a woman – her Trust.

Trust was touched upon earlier, but it needs closer scrutiny at this point. Gaining trust is about you having integrity, and that integrity is built on your words and your actions. It is possible for you to bed a woman without her complete trust, if that is all you truly seek. However, you will miss the real treasures that women will offer, and more importantly, you will never be a Good Bad Boy. Without trust you will never gain a foothold in a woman’s heart, hence she will never adore you. Sure, she may think you hot, but that’s what she thinks, not how she feels. Good Bad Boys will never settle for just this, they know the value of being treasured in a woman’s heart and attaining a permanent place there that belongs only to them.

Building trust is the only way to get there.

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