Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Most Important Balance

Any good relationship, whether it is a new, sexually charged casual encounter or a marriage of many years, requires a level of balance to exist over time. Giving and receiving is a key component of this balance. Any relationship where one of the parties gets far more attention than the other or is spending much more time tending to the needs of the other is unbalanced, dysfunctional and unhealthy. This is not to say that things should be equal every minute of every day, since people tend to sometimes be more inclined to give than receive and vice versa. However, over time, things should generally equal out, at least to acceptable levels for the man and the woman.

Now, let’s make some distinctions. There is a big difference between receiving and taking, and the difference is in the perception, actions and attitude of the recipient. Receiving involves recognition, gratitude, appreciation, kindness and consideration in regard to the other person’s efforts. Taking is simply emotional theft – seizing what that other person offers to you with little or no thought of thanks or appreciation. It’s obvious that taking is unkind and heartless, and those are characteristics that Good Bad Boys never associate themselves with. In a balanced equation between people, there will be a comparable level of giving and receiving. Allowing a more feminine side to emerge involves being able to effectively give and receive.

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