Friday, December 28, 2012

Dude, Where's My Feelings?

Throughout these chapters, there is discussion on specific characteristics and behaviors in men that women find very desirable. In addition, we’ve also discussed that dealing with women is fraught with contradictions and paradoxes. It is now time to venture further into territory that will initially baffle most males, but be assured, like the rest of the topics in this book, gaining some understanding of it will significantly increase your attractiveness to women. In an effort to become more circular we’re now going to examine how to access your feminine side.

It wouldn’t be surprising at the mention of that phrase that many of the male readers suddenly have all manner of internal alarms going off, all of which give the sense of an assault on their precious masculinity. This type of reaction is probably from the boy on the inside that hasn’t yet reached a mature comfort level with women, or for that matter, being clear on how to lead with his own sexuality. Dipping into the feminine side does not mean you now have the go-ahead to explode unprovoked into a petulant frenzy – the goal is being a man, not a whiny, ill-tempered little boy. No woman would accept that behavior unless she carried him around for nine months before he was born, and even then patience will be tested! Accessing your feminine side is simply an extension of some of the earlier discussion on being able to effectively communicate your feelings.

As with other challenges already discussed, much work is ahead for you.....

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