Monday, December 10, 2012

Still Building Trust.......

Building trust is a process you can control only in respect to your actions, which includes what you say. This is where a nod from Mr. Nice Guy is in order – follow his lead in terms of being respectful and kind, but also keep a vigilant watch on the times to step in and be a Good Bad Boy. Throughout the text we refer to the desired persona to that of being a Good Bad Boy, but in reality, the only part about all of this being a boy is in the name only. One of the biggest goals here is that when in the company of woman, your words, deeds and action are that of a confident, poised Man.

When the Good Bad Boy and Mr. Nice Guy are put side by side and interact in the proper manner, leading with their strengths, then we have the type of man that in our hearts we want to become, and the man that many, many women really desire. This is a vital notion, because in regard to trust, a woman will be more than happy to play with a sexy boy, but she will only surrender her heart and soul – and trust - to a man who is genuine and authentic.

Becoming an authentic Man is no easy feat. As with everything else, time, patience and perseverance are essential. While this may be work, the rewards will stay with you a lifetime.

Todd Rundgren stated it very clearly in the 1970's -

Forget about bad feelings and be a Real Man.....

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