Friday, December 7, 2012

Trust Me. Part II

Here’s another saying to consider – Building trust is simple, but it is not easy. Again, another paradox, although this one is not limited to the female realm.

Building trust is simple - you need only be honest, open, communicative, kind and consistent for starters. Sounds simple(!), but when you add in patience, which means you’ll have to do all this over a period of time, and then it becomes more challenging. Remember that without trust, you will never reach that special place in a woman’s soul and body that belongs to a cherished lover.

Again, you’ll have to become adept at subtlety. Being honest doesn’t mean you get to tell a woman exactly what you think about what she’s wearing, her new haircut - which you probably didn’t notice anyway - how she coddles her pet and so forth.

If you can’t be honest without being thoughtful and caring, then you are to keep your mouth shut – no exceptions. Kindness will get you much further than brutal, unadulterated honesty. This is not an invitation for dishonest actions, just be subtle and a little clever.

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