Friday, November 7, 2014

More on Getting a Woman's Attention

If, as Good Bad Boys do, you take the path that most other men do not, you will recognize the value of getting a woman's attention and understand the time and effort that will be involved in obtaining  it. Nothing of great value is easily obtained, and this is no exception.

This is hardly a problem, since a key part of evolving as a Good Bad Boy is the journey getting there, and what an enjoyable journey it will be! Do not, as most men do, simply sexualize a woman when you first meet her, sizing her up as a sexual partner, looking her over as if she's roast beef to be purchased at the deli counter. This sounds harsh, but I'm sure there are thousands of woman out there that would be nodding their heads in remembrance of experiencing that particular unpleasantness.

Many men have the potential for great sexual confidence, which will spill out to greater confidence in many other aspects of their lives. Women find confidence in a man attractive, and they find a man that has confidence when it comes to women extremely attractive.  However, they are flummoxed as to how to access it.

If you cannot bridge these two areas, you will always be a nice guy in her mind, someone to rely on, a guy friend she can confide in, and a good friend. These are death scenarios for a Good Bad Boy. The last thing you want is a wonderful, beautiful woman that you're dying to connect with think of you in the same manner as her girlfriends. She will never surrender her heart, mind and body to you. That she will only do to someone who knows how and when to be a Bad Boy, yet be a good man who knows how to make her feel safe.

Of course you're now wondering 'How does one make a woman feel safe'? Well, that may take some time......

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