Saturday, November 15, 2014

Making A Woman Feel Safe Around You

First and foremost, the most important task for Mr. Nice Guy is having his words and deeds reach a point of consistency that a woman feels emotionally safe with him. Mind you, we're not talking about physical safety here. If that were an issue with you she would have sensed that quickly and have run in top speed in the opposite direction, stilettos notwithstanding.

The significance of emotional safety cannot be stressed enough. If a woman feels emotionally safe, then – with time, patience, effort and trust – her heart, mind, body and soul will be open and accessible. This is a fact of life between men and women that will not change, and unfortunately, most men completely miss this critical point.

This investment of time and effort will pay off handsomely later, and every accomplished Good Bad Boy knows this. Many times the Nice Guy will spend time with a woman being nice and attentive, but all the time and effort is focused on a sexual payoff somewhere down the road. This is a mentality that should always be avoided; if you can’t be kind and patient with a woman (or anyone, for that matter) simply for the sake of being that way, then you should forget everything you've already read here and return to your previous unconsciousness.

Anything short of this generous mindset is a ‘strings attached’ attitude, and a complete waste of your time. Simply put, it just isn’t nice, and women will view you as creepy – a term you are never to associate yourself with. You’re better off being dead than being a creep. If you depart this life now at least there will be some fond remembrance of you and sympathy for your loved ones. Creeps expire alone and forgotten. 

Let's take this from a different vantage point. If you’re a Nice Guy who’s been doing all sorts of favors and things for the cute girls in your life and hoping to get some physical attention because you’ve been such a ‘nice guy’, well, I have some bad news for you. Not only is there nothing nice about that attitude, it’s actually very unpleasant and manipulative. Having a 'no stings attached' attitude permeate across all your actions, regardless of who the other person is, will make you feel better about yourself, and others will recognize and respond to that. And yes, women will pick up on this, and you will be much more attractive to them.

So, if you can’t do a favor for an attractive woman without expectation of anything in return, then don’t do it at all. Good Bad Boys know that doing kind deeds across the board, without the anticipation of some sort of payoff, is the only route to Good Bad Boy Enlightenment. Besides, the real secret is that a truly kind individual who gives freely without expectation of anything in return is much more likely to get what he wants. I’m not talking of Porsches and swimming pools here, this is about engaging the women in your life on an intimate level you’ve only dreamed of.

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