Sunday, November 23, 2014

More on Emotional Safety......

If you’re still skeptical, simply try it the Good Bad Boy way next time. If you're unsatisfied with how you feel afterwards, you can return to your old beliefs that have lead to your present frustrated state and continue to do it your way. Your transformation must come from the inside. Assuming you’re now truly free of expectation, you don’t feel a lack or loss when nothing has happened.

You’ve done a selfless, kind act and asked or expected nothing in return. You feel better, and it reflects to others around you. Women are very sensitive and intuitive and will pick up on this, and will be much more attracted to you because of it. They love guys with this attitude. Do kind and selfless deeds without any expectation. Doing them anonymously is even better; it’s a higher evolution of this concept.

Remember, it’s about how you feel on the inside, and this will make you feel better about yourself. Every Good Bad Boy feels great about who he is on the inside, and this concept is only a small part of the bigger picture.

The importance of this all goes back to a woman’s emotional safety. If she knows you’re doing all manner of things for her without any expectation from it, that you have no ulterior motives, she will be much more likely to trust you and desire being closer to you. This may or may not manifest in any physical activity, but be assured that if there is any kissing, or more, that’s going to happen, it will only be if she reaches this comfort level with you.

Of course, all of this assumes that she has a physical attraction for you. Sorry fellas, I’m going to have to state the obvious on occasion, since most of you seem to miss it so often. If she's not attracted to you, then that's that. Too many guys go blundering through a red light that a woman has put up showing there's no physical interest. Be a man and get over it, there are plenty of other great women out there. Of course, you were already detached from any specific outcome, so you still feel great about yourself, and no harm done - RIGHT? If you still feel a sting, or big disappointment, you were hiding an agenda. Being honest with yourself is crucial to building trust with women, and everyone else.

Nice Guys get completely lost on the way to that important First Kiss. Worse yet, they only realize they’ve been on the less scenic Road to Platonic Friendship far too late for them to get back in the right direction.

Let's make sure you stay on the Focused Path to Good Bad Boy Enlightenment....

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