Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Getting A Woman's Attention - And Keeping It

As stated earlier, being a Nice Guy is quite important. We'll expand on that later, but for now be aware that all of your words and actions from the start send a clear message - both good and bad. So, you need to be hyper aware that sending the clear message from the start that you are a guy that really cares about women is essential. This is the foundation of the Good component of the Good Bad Boy, and without it, you will never gain the attentions of all the sexy, smart, beautiful women out there.

Being a Nice Guy is great, if you want to be good friends with a woman, and nothing more. However, women usually already have plenty of friends, and they are more often looking to a man to be her man. This means knowing the balance and timing of being a Nice Guy, and then when to be a Bad Boy, and it will involve some practice. So....where do you start? 

There are many ways for you to having a lasting impact with a woman, but for our purposes right now we'll focus on how to have her always think fondly of you. Nice guys can do that, and do it well. You (hopefully) already know how to be a trusted friend, but you need to know how to make your way across to the Good Bad Boy realm.

The task at hand is getting a bridge across to that part of a woman that is fired up by a man's confidence and within that his confident sexuality. Bear in mind that nowhere in the previous sentence were the terms conceit, arrogance or self-importance. There are enough of these jerks around, and if you demonstrate any of these traits you should be shut down and tossed out in the cold instantly and deservedly so.

Bridging this chasm will not be a matter of simply laying a board across a small gap; this will involve time, patience and perseverance. The attentions and devotion of a woman of style, substance and sexuality are of great value and it takes time to earn it. This is an important point, because most men greatly underestimate this value.

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