Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still Figuring Out What You Want?

Often, men rely on what their minds (read: eyes) tell them instead of their hearts, and often make poor choices as far as dates are concerned. Men will be all over the map as far as what they want, desiring someone who is attractive, sexy, smart, salacious, a good cook, listens well, caretaker, nurturer, great map reader, knows the proper definition of the word bemused and so on. The list gets even more specific in places like New York or Los Angeles where there are a plethora of pretty women; the premium on attractiveness goes up significantly.

Frightening as it may sound, many men look to their mothers as the source of what they desire in a woman. This doesn’t mean they call up their moms and run a particular date’s attributes by them on a weekly basis and get her feedback. More accurately, if their maternal relationship was a healthy one, men will many times try to seek the same characteristics. Likewise, if the relationship was not very good, men will gravitate away from those characteristics.

While utilizing past familiarity with a parent as a guide for connecting with the opposite sex is a normal occurrence, it is not necessarily a good or healthy way to proceed. Being a good Bad Boy means working from within, and in order to accomplish this, a clear roadmap on what characteristics in another are being sought is completely necessary.

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