Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting Clear On Whom You Are Seeking....

In seeking a compatible companion, clarity can actually be simple, although that's probably not been your experience so far. Start by thinking about the things - aspects, habits, ideologies, and so on that are important to you, and list them. Then ponder the importance of these in a woman you’d like to date.

Here is one area to consider to get you started:

Intelligence - When it comes to a woman that you’ve just met, there is far more time focused on what’s going on from the neck down instead of what exists between her ears. You may not need a woman to have a PhD in mathematics, but you should be honest with yourself if you’re going to feel intimidated by her accomplishments. There should be an inner ease here on both sides, without anyone having to prove anything. Be yourself and see if the minds mesh.

This is a very important, usually overlooked area, and many times the level of intellect goes hand in hand with level of imagination, experimentation, creativity, adventure and so on. For better or worse, there is a vast range of intellect out there, and if your witty humor (or hers) is not being appreciated, or you find your potential lover having to define words you’ve not heard before – assuming you’re comfortable enough with yourself to admit to her you don’t know the meaning – red flags should begin to unfurl in your mind.

More areas to be discussed later this week......

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