Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clarity & Patience Redux

Let's say there are 50 single women in your area in your desired age range. Now, lets assume you are very, very clear on what type of characteristics and attributes you are seeking from this group, and that will eliminate 90% of them. Of course, most men will wail like a soiled infant when they hear that percentage; but wait crybaby! That still leaves five women that meet your very precise, very specific menu. And while five may not seem a big number like 50, you will be hard pressed to date five women in any kind of short time frame.

If five still seems like a small number to you, you’re probably a serial dater and you should be required by law to announce that fact at the beginning of any first date so a woman has an opportunity to run for safety. Chances are very good that within that number, there is someone who really rings your bell. If you still can’t get arrested by romance after this, it may be time to consider missionary work abroad.

By being clear you maintain your way on the path of Bad Boy Enlightenment and going from your inside out to the rest of the dating world, you maintain your stature and power. You have given yourself clarity on the type of woman you would like to pursue and now you are bursting at the inseam to get out there and go after your new target audience. However, I would be remiss to allow you to unleash that newly charged male fury on an unsuspecting female population half-cocked, so to speak.

Why, you may ask?

Well, you really don't have a good understanding of women yet, do you......?

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