Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clarity - Part III

More points to consider when you are first getting to know someone and assessing common ground...

• Political/Ideological – Maybe it doesn’t matter to you that you’re conservative and someone you’re dating is liberal. Maybe it does, but considering it and what it means is important. Of course, in simple dating, a subject area such as this one is less important than chemistry, but you probably would want to know if you’re trying to seduce a member of some extremely left wing or right wing organization so you could act accordingly, such as hailing down a cab at the first opportunity to bring about a speedy exit.

• Activities – Someone who shares an interest in doing the same things you do - hiking, sailing, motorcycling, road trips, playing or watching sports, and so on. If you’re an outdoors person that loves to camp and hike in the mountains, and your new date’s idea of camping is staying at the Marriott instead of the Hilton – that’s right, here come the red flags again.

There are dozens more categories, but at this point it’s important you are clear on whom you are seeking. If you jumped in your car in Boston and wanted to take a drive to Springfield, it would seem a straight shot down the Massachusetts Turnpike is in order. However, that’s assuming we’re going to that Springfield. You may, in fact, really want to travel to the one in Ohio or Illinois or even Missouri. In each case, you’re going to have to know exactly where you’re going because each of them ultimately involves taking a different route, and some taking longer than others.

Clarity and Patience. You'll need both to really start acting from within on being with the person that you choose to get to know better. Clarity shows strength, and strength shows confidence - all of which makes you more attractive.

However, clarity and patience go hand in hand......

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