Sunday, April 6, 2014

Becoming the Good Bad Boyfriend/Husband

As time goes on and you travel further down the Good Bad Boy Path, you will have many wonderful experiences with many fabulous women, and if you stay on this path, you will earn a place in each one of their hearts, whether or not your relationships with these women are short or long term.  Every connection has its own time span, whether it lasts seventy minutes or seventy years.  The natural evolution of a Good Bad Boy at the end of all those cumulative experiences is to focus all that special knowledge on one very lucky and deserving woman.  Sooner or later the seduction process, while a very satisfying experience, runs its course. 

It’s an inevitable part of maturing, whether you have had your fill of it at 30 or at 50.  From my experience and observation, men that are still not in committed relationships and pursuing and trying to seduce numbers of women into their 40’s and 50’s are not ever going to mature, and therefore have zero chance at becoming a Good Bad Boy.  What their commitment issues are I’ll leave to the psychologists, as our focus is on becoming the kind of man women adore, and ultimately become the object of  adoration for one woman.  The important thing to remember is, as a Good Bad Boy, you need to be with someone who appreciates and loves who you are and while she wants all that fun attention turned her way, does not want to change the tiger’s stripes.  Equally important for the Good Bad Boy is to be with a woman who not only appreciates who he is, but brings her own special attributes to the relationship.

Myself, I’m a very fortunate fellow in that the woman I’m with is beautiful and brilliant with a science PhD.  There were many men that vied for her attentions that she could have chosen to have been with.  Men with more money, more powerful careers, higher intelligence and so on.  This is not to say I don’t hold my own in all those departments, I do, but they had little to do with her selection. 

She initially was attracted by my look, but as we all know there needs to be more than that for things to last more than 5 minutes – at least in any relationship that matters.  There are numerous times when I describe her to acquaintances who wonder how I ended up with someone of such significant substance.  I just shrug my shoulders and toss up my hands in a ‘beats me’ type of way and joke that she hasn’t come to her senses yet.  All joking aside, what kept her close was my Good Bad Boy demeanor – letting Mr. Nice Guy have his place and being a Bad Boy when the time was called for.  Apparently I also keep her in a state of perpetual amusement, but I think she just tells me that to make me feel less of a sex object.

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