Sunday, April 27, 2014

Assume Nothing!

It is very important to realize that just because you’re committing to a deeper relationship doesn’t mean that you’re going to prison.  Like everything else, a committed relationship has its plusses and minuses.  As mentioned earlier, having the attentions of a lovely, decent woman who thinks you’re the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel is one of the most valuable things you’ll ever have in your possession.  Being committed does not mean you stop being a Good Bad Boy; you just have to make your adjustments. 

Hopefully a big part of why you’re in this relationship is that you share a lot in common, particularly when it comes to things in the realm of naughtiness.  Being true to yourself is always a big part of the Good Bad Boy way, so now you just have to be a Good Bad Boy that is committed.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all.  You still love women; still love flirting with them as you have before.  As long as you reassure your partner that all your flirtatious behavior is not a reflection on how you feel about her, that no matter what you do you view your relationship with her as more important than anything. 

It is important to discuss with her what the boundaries are as far as behavior. You may be very surprised as what will be ok with a woman, particularly one that has a Good Bad Boy as her significant other and feels that her relationship is solid.  Remember, it was noted earlier that one of the most important things to a woman is emotional safety.  She loves that you’re a Good Bad Boy; she doesn’t want that to change.  She may be very turned on by hearing how while you were out picking up some milk from the store and almost picked up a cute woman while you were there as well.  Maybe next time she’ll want to go with you to see you in action!  Who knows – you’re only limited by what the two of you define as boundaries. 

There is a Good Bad Boy friend of mine that is very happily married but of course takes the opportunity to flirt with a sexy woman whenever he gets the green light to do so.  However, being a Good Bad Boy he would never lead a woman on, so he always makes sure to make mention of his wife shortly into the conversation. 

Most of the time that brings the flirtation to a quick but polite halt, but he has mentioned that is not always the case!  Some women he has flirted with want to get to know him better, and when he mentions that he would never do anything without his wife, the adventurous woman offers that she’d like to meet her as well, so that there are no roadblocks and they can continue the flirtation.  There are LOTS of open minded, adventurous women out there, so don’t limit yourself by making assumptions. 

Just be a Good Bad Boy and be honest, and express how you feel.  Just because you’re committed or married doesn’t mean the fun stops.  All it means is that you have to handle things differently, because you now have different responsibilities.  Maturity has its rewards!

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