Sunday, May 11, 2014

Now You Know, So Let It Go

We’ve discussed many aspects of being a Good Bad Boy, but the most important one is being true to who you are.  You never want to compromise yourself, do anything you don’t really want to, or be reactive to the people or circumstances surrounding you. A huge part of what makes a Good Bad Boy so desirable is his solid sense of self.  This separates the men from the boys.  While women are more than happy to have a dalliance with a boy, being with a man is where the gold is.  You will rarely be able to connect with a woman on a deep level if you do not carry yourself as a man and behave accordingly.  Leave the boys and their behavior to the girls of the world.  You’re in this for much more rewarding pursuits, and being with a sexually open woman, as opposed to a girl who is sexually inexperienced and uncomfortable, is where you will always head to.

At the beginning of this journey you were likely someone who had desires and fantasies about how you wanted to interact sexually with women, but it seemed as accessible as jumping onto the surface of Mars.  Now you are clear on who you are and what you want with the women in your life.  You now can state your desires in a very palatable and seductive manner and not only have them heard and acknowledged, but more importantly have them fulfilled on a regular basis.  As the fulfillment of your desires becomes more a part of your normal existence, the feelings that you would never get what you wanted sexually and that you had no power in this area or with women in general will disappear for good.  Your confidence and self esteem will soar, yet throughout you are grateful and humble that you received the gift of this knowledge.  You are cognizant that by being of service honoring the women in your life physically, emotionally, spiritually and simply being there for them, you also honor yourself as a man.

Now that you have all this heightened awareness, it is time to let it go.  I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what I’m talking about, and let’s be regular guys one last time and use a sports analogy.  In golf, you practice, practice, practice until your arms are ready to fall off, and when it’s time to get on the course and play the game for real you must let all the thinking disappear.  All that muscle memory must take over and the natural swing rhythm comes from somewhere deep within.  I know every time I do a lot of thinking when I’m in the midst of a golf swing the results are almost always poor.   Being a Good Bad Boy is the same.  You’ve taken in all these points, and practiced trial and error and have reached a point where you have more than a clue on how to go about all of this.  Of course, you’ll have to think when trying to come up with a good reply or other conversation, but on the physical levels, it’s time to let the natural rhythms you’ve developed take over from within.  It always amazes me how the best golf shots seem to come from very little thought or physical effort.  They come from within.  As a Good Bad Boy expresses himself from the inside out, let everything come from within, naturally, without forethought or provocation.  Eventually it will be as if you have a neon sign over your head, visible only to women in the world, quietly glowing ‘Good Bad Boy’ with a flashing arrow pointing down to you.  The world will forever be a changed place.
When you first started this journey, the thought of speaking to a woman in the tones discussed above, or to act in such a bold and sexual manner probably didn’t even exist in your mind, it was so foreign.  The point is now you know better; you know the power of behaving this way in an appropriate manner, and the rewards it will reap.  You are only just finding out that there are many women out in the world that are hoping that today is the day they finally run into a guy who knows his stuff sexually, yet is humble and knows how to treat a woman like a woman – across the board.  A guy who knows when to romance a woman and seduce her slowly and when to push her up against a wall and bring out the inner bad girl that she’s been dying to let out, yet no man has been able to coax it out of her properly.   A man who pushes the boundaries and doesn’t hesitate to be spontaneous, naughty and adventuresome, yet at all times making sure the woman is right there with him.  You’ll know for certain when you’ve reached full Good Bad Boy status – you will never have to think of yourself that way, since the women in your life will be calling you a Good Bad Boy for you, just before they fall into your arms so you can do with them as you will – in that manner that only a Good Bad Boy knows how to do.

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