Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pushing the Envelope

The only limitations are the ones that you put there, and if you both are adventuresome and playful, then let your minds roam and explore.  All your practice at communication comes to fruition here, as discussions venture into the ‘what turns you on’ and ‘what fantasies do you have’ conversations.  Of course you are matter of fact and unflappable regardless of what she says, assuming there is nothing illegal desired. I once had a woman ask me why I hadn’t robbed a convenience store so she could fall in love with me.  She may have been kidding but it didn’t seem it at the time.  Needless to say, that situation didn’t get very far.  As a Good Bad Boy I’m very accommodating, however, there are some boundaries that just won’t be compromised.   
Don’t be afraid to push the envelope, and many times being spontaneous really helps.   You must become aware of the power of spontaneity romantically – bringing flowers or gifts, planning a special day for your girl and springing it on her, and so on.  Sexual spontaneity has its own powerful space as well.  You’ve established a safe place between you and your partner so don’t be afraid to try new ideas.  Obviously this can cover a lot of ground, but for starters, why not get a bit dominant with your woman.  This doesn’t mean getting disrespectful or speaking down to her, it’s simply an extension of when you earlier learned how to really kiss, by making a woman feel a bit helpless when you did so, but now you’re doing it in a bigger arena.  Often a woman loves being overpowered sexually, and this can involve dozens of different scenarios. 

Luckily, it will take some time to sort through them all!  Communicate and explore together, and a lot of fun discoveries will happen.  A Good Bad Boy will try not to be shocked by a woman’s behavior, in keeping with balance and stature, but how much fun it will be when a woman finally does take you aback.  Acknowledge it, but don’t be obvious about it!

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