Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Power of Persuasion

As a Good Bad Boy you will also develop the ability to be a coercive influence.  Once you take the time to make a woman feel special, safe and desired you can really explore.  Assuming you’re with a woman that has a pretty extensive naughty streak (why would you be anywhere else?) you can regularly make suggestions or take actions that push the boundaries of your intimate experiences further out.  You’ll have the dual satisfaction of exploring territory that you’ve not been to before, as well as taking the woman you’re with to new and exciting heights – assuming she’s not been there before! 
Even if she’s been where you haven’t, that’s fine, since women that are really experienced and have had a full spectrum of sexual experiences truly appreciate a Good Bad Boy.  They, more than most women, need to be with someone who is confident and really knows their way around, and isn’t afraid to go there. Women generally aren’t thrilled if they find they are more sexually experienced than the guy they are getting to know. Most women would rather not have to teach the guy, they want to be shown what skills you have – for them. 
So, as a fun example, the next romantic dinner that you’re out at with your new partner, assuming you’ve both felt things out a bit, whisper in her ear, in a gentle but firm way, that you want her to go to the ladies room and remove her panties, and that she should bring them back for you to hold, and she’ll have to make due without them for the rest of the evening.  If she comes back with a clever reply, such as “why would you assume that I’m even wearing any?”  make sure you keep your Good Bad Boy stature, and if she’s wearing a dress or a skirt, you challenge her right then and there to surreptitiously prove it to you, as actions are what count.  If she balks, you can be provocative and question the veracity of her statement.  If she’s wearing slacks, you will expect her to prove it later. 
Either way, you keep your balance.  It’s like volleying in tennis.  Naughtiness in public is a huge turn on for many women.  Don’t be afraid to explore it, but don’t be foolish or obvious either as it’s a fine balance.  Remember, there are many law enforcement personnel that will be less than amused by your activities if they catch you in the act.   Oh, and be sure to put this woman right at the top of the list of your involvements – any woman who thinks that way is someone you want to know a whole lot more! 

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