Friday, December 5, 2014

What Women Really Want......

Although the subject of what a woman really wants in a man can be written about and discussed from now until doomsday, our focus is on one particular aspect within this subject. If you know this fact, and then learn how to become adept within it, well – I can assure you the women in your life will be very happy, and therefore you will be as well. And what is this great kernel of sensual knowledge?

Essentially, most women want Mr. Nice Guy to know how to look and act like a Bad Boy. They want a man who knows when its time to act like a gentleman and then knows when its time to be anything but. And yes, this usually means sensually and sexually. Many women desire a Bad Boy, but that hardly means they want a Loser in their lives, which most Bad Boys are. While women want the guy they’re intimately involved with to possess the characteristics of the sensitive, well-mannered good guy, those traits usually appeal to their common sense, and are not what sends their hearts and libidos racing.

As mentioned earlier, women really desire both the Nice Guy and the Bad Boy in the same package. Many men scratch their heads and don’t understand how they can want both a bad and a good guy. The important thing to know is that they are looking for this only in the physical realm or those areas of their psyche that stimulate the physical. They want the Bad Boy mostly in a sexual context, because this guy turns them on – the outlaw, the rebel, the guy who doesn’t follow the rules and does things his own way.

He may look rough, someone not to mess with, or not. Someone who presents an element of danger and risk that is many times thrilling to a woman. Of course, bringing this mythic figure into the chaotic world of male and female relations is daunting. Women don’t really want a dangerous guy in their lives, since physical safety is at the top of a woman’s priority list. Misbehaving Bad Boys that do not pick up the phone and call or display any other actions that show that a woman is valued and desired will always lead to misery. It is very important to recognize the distinction between a Bad Boy and a Good Bad Boy. One will receive adoration from women and the other will cause misery to them. If you have to think about which one is more suited to you, stop reading now, since you’re beyond redemption. The nice guys, with a new found sexual edge after reading all of this over time, will be finishing first.

So how does a Nice Guy learn how and when to be a Good Bad Boy? Ah, patience, grasshopper.......

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