Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little More on Cluelessness......

In discussions with many women, all of them agree that men do not meld the Bad Boy with Mr. Nice Guy. Either they are decent men who don't know how to properly light their fire, or bad guy loser types who know how to excite a woman but behave badly in every other regard. When I offered that what they were seeking was a nice, decent, wonderful guy they could count on who knew how to be a bad boy in intimate situations, every one of them emphatically agreed. All of them indicated this was something they keenly desired in their initial encounters with a man - and certainly beyond that.
There are many things lost in the translation from Venusian to Martian, but the aspect of how much a woman would love for her guy to be a bad boy is something that simply does not occur to most men. Forget the true bad boys, they are not redeemable - this information is for all those decent guys out there who are dying to know how to excite the women in their lives and willing to do whatever it takes to please them, since that will make their confidence soar. And, of course, all the women, so they can get what they REALLY want!

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